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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Are you free?

Freedom from the past,
Known stereotypes,
First impressions,
Old memories,
Regrets and close chances,
New notions,
Blind beliefs,
Fear of the new,
Uneasiness of hate,
Rationalizing the indulgences,
Misplaced sense of importance,
Heaviness of ego,
Irrational logic,
Outward sweetness,
Unnecessary pride,
Baseless feeling of ownership,
True freedom is not outside.
:: posted by Venkat C, 4/05/2008 04:02:00 PM


Are you planning to attain Nirvana any time soon? ;)
I am tired of saying this everytime ... "Just Brilliant".

"Rationalizing the indulgences" this line was really an eye-opener.

Your poems seem to me like a mathematical equation. Short in form but immense in substance and depth. I would like to confer this new title to you "Sindhanai Sirpi"
Blogger Blade bala, at 5:56 AM, April 07, 2008  
Thanks a lot for the new title, Bala. :)

Thanks again and again
Blogger Venkat C, at 4:54 PM, April 08, 2008  
I second Balaji..u r really a gr8 thinker..
Blogger KP, at 11:56 PM, April 08, 2008  
Thanks a lot, KP.
Blogger Venkat C, at 2:13 PM, April 09, 2008  

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