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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Seven Tag

Continuing Nas's tag here.
It is on the to-do list for so long that I wanted to take it up as a challenge! “Can’t dos” were easy while “can dos” were mighty tough.

Seven things I plan (dream) to do before I die
1. Start and own a company or companies. To be an entrepreneur is my biggest dream.
2. Receive Nobel Prize (Lofty:D)
3. Climb Mt. Everest (he he… this is becoming ridiculous!)
4. Run a full marathon (Exhausting, huh?)
5. Make a difference (big) in a lot of lives.
6. Experience intense, passionate and deeply emotional love.
7. Travel in space. If human settlement becomes a reality in Mars, I hope I have enough money or luck to be among first few settlers.
Seven things I can do
1. Act as though I am very caring and friendly :)
2. Change and adapt like a chameleon.
3. Forget
4. Psycho analyze
5. Super multi-task without completing anything.
6. Exaggerate
7. Roam around without direction
Seven things I can't do
1. Be disciplined.
2. Follow routine
3. Remember routes
4. Make friends in the first meeting.
5. Be organized
6. Implement the plans
7. Forgive
Seven things I say the most
1. Yeah
2. ok
3. Hmmm
4. I
5. You
6. Later
7. Not sure
Seven things I say the most on my blog
1. Love
2. Me, I etc
3. Here I go
4. God
5. Destiny
6. Why
7. End
Seven things that attract me to the opposite
1. Childlike
2. Style and Character
3. Eyes, Lips and other physical aspects. :D
4. Unpredictability
5. Intelligence
6. Sense of humor
7. Secretiveness
Seven celebrity crushes
1. Katrina Kaif
2. Kate Winslet
3. Shriya Saran
4. Genelia D'Souza
5. Natalie Portman
6. Jodie Foster
7. Jennifer Aniston
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Sunday, March 18, 2007


Every time you walk away,
a wave of finality descends.
There are things untold.
If I had known,
I would have told the truth.
I am hiding the obvious.
You are refusing to see it.
Denial is what we both do.
You deny that it is there.
I deny that it is not.
We are dreamers,
caught in a real world.
We mock all those
who want to balance life.
We give more than what we can
and then some more.
Practicality has no meaning
in our grand scheme.
I know you more than you do.
And I love you more than myself.
You may not realize it today.
I get caught in your eyes
and see a layer of gloss.
I forget that it is shallow.
And when the gloss
tries to behold me,
I slip away.
It could be an illusion.
An elaborate plot
which has gone according to the plan.
If destiny can be changed,
I will try.
But if the play was already written,
I will play my role.
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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Stupid, I am.

That I want from you,
you don't know.
That I give you,
you don't want.
Is that all I want?
That’s all I want.
That I won’t cause.
I will, into time.
It will be.
You won’t realize.
I have.
I should be.
I don’t have.
Should I be?

PS: Comment. You have to. It sucks. That’s true. Write it. I will feel better. :)
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Thursday, March 01, 2007

For you I should

Forever I can.
For you I should.
In this eternal silence,
longing for you.
In the game,
guessing your next move.
In the love,
waiting for one moment.
Digging up and burying
those memories
you gave
and those
you took away.
Breaking up and moving closer.
Breaking down and denying it.
Being right next to you
and feeling far away.
Saying all that
you want to hear
and hiding all that
I want to say.
I can.
For you I would.
Will I?
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