Fascinating journey through my mind

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The feel of the place

A journey started nowhere
to a destination unknown.
It ended in a place undiscovered.
It led to a path through the thick woods.
Sun was blocked,
may be by the clouds,
may be by the leaves.
Little drops of rain
cascaded through the branches.
Clouds they were, then.
Sound of water in the streams,
Hypnosis in disguise.
The smell of wet earth again.
Too many memories rush by.
A friend to walk along.
Intersecting paths.
The fear of getting lost,
And the joy of adventure.
The relief to come back
to the intersection where we lost.
The identity of familiarity.
The joy of the known
and the excitement of the unknown.
Driving on the edge,
daring to fall,
but hanging on.
The feel of the place
that is all that remains.
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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


My life is a play of light.
So is my blog.
Shadows in the corner.
Shadows on the window.
The mesh of lines revealing
the sky in different hues.
Intimidating extent of effects.
The blur of the lines on the left
as if they are not sure
which way.
The unknown on the right
behind the walls.
Thoughts flowing in a limited space.
Left over impressions
in their own space.
If it is you today,
yesterday was somebody.
Expanding envelopes of waves
emerging from an unseen center.
All lines seeming straight
but none in reality.
Shapes belong to no names.
What you see now
is what I am today.
But with a little effort
we can see the past.
And we will never know what next.
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Monday, April 09, 2007


Where do I end?
And where do you start?
Do I end at my fingers?
Do you start at yours?
Or do I end deep inside you?
And do you start at my heart?
Boundaries overlap to form a haze,
it clears up for just enough
for me to see through.
Then again,
it is a big universe of chaos.
Where does all the clutter come from?
I did not bring it in.
But yes,
I did not throw it out too.
Whenever it gets cleared,
I see a new world.
Fresh and virgin,
to be loved and loved back.
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