Fascinating journey through my mind

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Here, there and everywhere!

We passed by a long time back,
without knowing what each other meant.
Later we passed by, again.
This time you evoked a sense of familiarity.
Later, we met.
We greeted each other.
We were uncertain about each other.
Then, we started knowing more.
I started seeing you in more places, I visit.
I was comfortable with you, then.
Later, we became closer.
You started getting into my life.
I started referring to you in conversations.
You became a part of my life.
Then, later, I passed by another again.
And the whole cycle continued.
Infinite were the variations.
Unlimited were the options.
I was amazed to find how you fit
into complex situations.
And how you provide solace
to the suffering souls.
And how you inspire and motivate.
Your power could break a heart
in a second,
or make that heart to remember
you forever.
I found the magic of you.
Words are friends
and you were one.
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