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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Power to fly

Wind can blow you away.
It can lift you up,
carry you over the ocean,
to a distant land of dreams.

Hands stretched wide,
facing the current,
with the wide ocean in front of you,
all tending to infinity,
lightness of being can be felt.

Evolution has been partial to mankind.
Wings are no bird's property.
I can trade my power to reason,
if I can get the power to fly.
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Monday, July 02, 2007

Mt Shasta

Rising above the clouds,
like an emperor too tall to bow,
stood a lone giant.
Greener than the darkest green,
that man has ever seen,
are the meadows.
A minute of silence beside the stream,
the source of which is just ahead,
are the moments which make life.
Like a huge river taking birth,
oozing out was water pure and sweet,
from the depths of mother earth.
An hour can be spent in the lake below,
watching the emperor in his glory.
Snow on the peaks,
gives the perfect veil,
for all the rumbling inside.
A kayak in a far off lake,
The water waves stoking softly,
A tired soul dozed off into heaven,
Watching the majesty rise so high.

Mt Shasta
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