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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


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My mood right now: Nothing. I am neither happy nor sad. I neither feel bored nor excited. The time seems to be standing still but yet moving so fast.

Book am reading currently : Robert Ludlums Altman code
I am trying to complete it for a long time now.

The last thing I ate :
Chicken Sandwich at the Office Cafetaria. It was bad even for my liberal standards.

Want to eat: Tirupati Laddoo. My family in India went to Tirupati and have been teasing me about the laddoos for a while now.

What I did last weekend : Roamed around in the Mall, Had a lot of ice cream, had 2 tiring sessions in the gym, took a driving class, slept a lot, cooked fish curry

Plan for the next weekend: Will make them on Friday Evening.

Recent blunder :None. My Razr did a blunder. When I save a new phone book entry with an existing name, it does not overwrite. It quietly allows the new transaction and ends up doing nothing. I ended up calling my roomie and placed a voice message about my official stuff. The poor guy did not have any idea why the SPI src clock bit did not get set in the latest SPI initialization sequnce for the new revision processor.

Colour I am wearing today: White and Black

Am listening to: Omkara and Kadhalar Dhinam

I have to:
Complete some stuff in office
Get Driving license
Get those last extra 4 pounds off
Get in touch with friends before they forget me
Get that special someone
Copy all data from my old laptop to the new one
Calm myself and be focussed on the task at hand

I wish:

I can travel to and from India in 2 hours flat. Or max 12 hours. Thats the freaking time difference. How come it is taking 22 hours?
The girl whom I will love, will love me back
My family is with me
For a world without countries or religion. A one nation state "Earth"is the best. One currency, one government, one tax regime. No visas :)

I hope:
I hope I am the way I am, all my life.


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