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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

And next time, think before talking!

Aroma of the basmati,
lightness of the banter,
eagerness to fit in,
a blank moment,
an innocent comment,
all round laughter
and a warm adieu
to the wonderful evening.

An instant before the comment,
a small thought about it,
too close she was,
I thought,
to mind me,
too much did she know,
to doubt me.

Another evening,
another week,
a normal call
with a sad message.
The comment was too personal,
may be because of too much

Some time away
to think about it.
Too close we were
to ever express
the real depth.
Beauty is in not saying it aloud
that you are special
and this friendship is sacred.

And it was just a stupid joke
gone all wrong.
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Friday, April 25, 2008

To play to win

To stand in the path
of certain defeat,
and to think
about play and life
and decide that
to play to win
is real play
and all other play
is not play.

To play the best
and to never give up
in the face of defeat
and to pull off a victory
when world says
that it is impossible.

Whoever said play is just play,
winning or losing doesn't matter,
has lost before play.

To win
and applaud the rival
for his effort,
to lose
and know that
one never gave up
till the end.

To get up
the next day
and get ready for
another fight.

To keep winning
in the purest sense
of the word,
is never giving up.
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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

And it's 7:00 AM again!!

Time never gives up.
Every day is a battle
to keep it still.
Relentless is it's pursuit.

It is contradictory.
More it is
when we do less.
Less it is
when we do more.

It keeps taking it's toll.
When we look back,
it seems that it has been too soon.
And when we look forward,
it seems a long way.
When we look at it,
it stays still.
When we look away,
it runs ahead.

It has moments which
come at us at a blinding speed
to make us notice and admire
its sheer power,
while it has some
which refuse to get over.

When we wake up to realize
that it is another day,
we know that there weren't
many where we made our way.

Yet that special day is always
on the horizon,
waiting to happen
and change our life
in such a wonderful way.

And that special day gets over
and another one shows up
in this journey
to the destination
to which we will never lose our way.
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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Are you free?

Freedom from the past,
Known stereotypes,
First impressions,
Old memories,
Regrets and close chances,
New notions,
Blind beliefs,
Fear of the new,
Uneasiness of hate,
Rationalizing the indulgences,
Misplaced sense of importance,
Heaviness of ego,
Irrational logic,
Outward sweetness,
Unnecessary pride,
Baseless feeling of ownership,
True freedom is not outside.
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