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Friday, November 03, 2006

I am a SLIder..

Some things happen in our life. They seem odd. They seem a bit out of place. They are a bit eerie. We dont know why they happen. There is no logical explanation. And anything which does not have a logical explanation is scary. At one time, the collective human mind (if there is one?) explained every such event by borrowing a joker card called God. Every time they discovered the reason for an event, they replaced the joker card with the actual card. As time progressed, many of the actual cards were in place. But some joker cards are still holding their places strongly.

Some things happen. We tend to forget that they did. But then they happen again. And again. It freaks us out. We try telling them to somebody and they laugh on our face. Then we decide not to tell it to anybody again. And then we come across a whole group of people who have experienced the same thing.

SLI (Street Light Interference) has happened to me very frequently in India. Everytime I passed below a street light in our street, it will switch off. Then it will switch back on immediately after I have crossed it. It was so weird. I would stand watching the street lights for hours. I would count the number of people who walked below them. And the street lights would not switch off even once. Then, when the street is deserted, I will walk under them. They will switch off instantly when I am below them and switch on once I cross them. It was true for almost 4 street lights on that street. Empirical proof that the event happened existed. But the empirical proof that the event occurs because of the cause assumed did not exist.

Then, I had to leave the street and the city and it never happened again.

I am sure that there will be a scientific proof soon. We SLIders may not be superior or inferior to other normal humans. But we are different.

My best wishes for all the research which is going on in this direction.

PS : mapmyindia is a very good site to get directions in India. Congrats for mapping my India! It was supposed to be impossible(because of the chaos) according to some of the brightest minds in silicon valley.
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