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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Long hiatus

Long hiatus from my favorite pastime,
how do I say what all happened?
If time can move so fast,
I would ask why?
When time was slow,
I did ask why.

Multiple levels of happiness,
timely events to bring back reality.
Events which are not in control
of any power known.
Coincidences and accidents,
Emotions and love.

Where did the power to write go?
The power to express the most
complex and abstract,
in the most simple words.
It hides somewhere inside me,
waiting to wake up
and get going.

If past standards are a scale,
is present a prisoner of past?
Am I a prisoner of my previous posts?
Are they like arrows of time,
which can never come back.

Should future arrows be controlled
and thought about?
A whirlpool of our own standards.
Baseless abyss of our own power
to set standards
and then,
the struggle to beat them.
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