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Monday, January 21, 2008

Joke or Joker?

Back when I was a kid,
You were too big to imagine.
Made long trips
to be in your presence.
It always felt weird.
Something absurd.
You were supposed to be everywhere
watching everything.
Yet when we wanted to meet you,
we had to queue up.
You were above and beyond
all doubt.
Blind faith.
You were beyond all knowledge.
Reason stood no chance
to understand your infinite power.
Questions were hushed up.
Answers were rare.
People kill each other in your name.
But what can we say,
you are omniscient.
Foolishness has limits.
But when it is you,
there can be none.
Little did I know,
we created you,
the best variable ever,
a joker card which can fit
in every gap science cannot fill,
a drug more addictive than any other,
billions have been hallucinating,
for thousands of years,
millions have died in your name,
millions will,
while you remain invisible
without any proof.
I cannot blame you
Because you don't exist.
When Man wanted to hide his ignorance
he named it God.
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