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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I learnt..

You taught me
to say yes
even if
it is cutting myself
into two
and giving
one half to you.
That rain needs
to be enjoyed
like a shower.
That it is
fine to display love
To take somebody for granted.
To be there where I am
without thinking about
being somewhere else.
To love without being
loved back.
To take the moments
as they are.
That it is
possible to find happiness
in memories.
To give those special moments
to somebody,
which they will cherish
for a lifetime.
To fall asleep in
the middle of nowhere.
To make all those small plans
with delight
and let them be plans forever.
That it is fine
to be the happiest person
and never feel guilty about it.
That it is fine
to mask pain.
To rescue a dragon fly
and throw it into the unknown.
To collect all the dry flowers
and forget about them.
To plan for tomorrow
and live today.
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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I hate...

Mathangi, as usual :D, has tagged me… I hate to hate. I think it is a waste of time. Either I love or I dont care. Hating something or somebody is inefficient. But, like most of the times in my life, I know what is right but cannot seem to implement it. So I do hate some people and some things. So lets go.

BEVERAGE:Beer. I can't understand how people can drink this. One of my friends does not drink red wine because it is bitter but can gulp down beers. Funny world, funny people.
COLOR:White. It is so plain. Its not pure as people say. It reflects all colors. It is as impure as a spectrum.
TOWN/CITY:Any cold cities or cities where it rains always like Chicago or Boston or Seattle.
MOVIE: Butterfly effect. I think the director needs to join an asylum.
SEASON: Winter without a partner. Summer without an AC. Spring without the vacation. Fall without the camera.
ASPECT OF TALKING ON THE PHONE: Sometimes I think its a form of Matrix. What if I invent an machine which can mimic my voice and call home everyday. And what if I die after that? Will they realize? Ha ha. The machine has to be very intelligent though.
ASPECT OF WATCHING TV OR MOVIES: They switch my mind off.
ASPECT OF EATING IN RESTAURANTS:Noisy and on the other extreme, someone from the next table overhearing our conversation.
ASPECT OF SHOWERING: That it has to end.
ASPECT OF DATING: Selecting the place, deciding what to wear, thinking what to talk and the worst part, listening.
ASPECT OF THE BEACH: Dealing with heaps of sand in everything from the pockets to the socks to the car.
ASPECT OF THE GROCERY STORE:I hate all aspects of this.
HABIT IN OTHERS?Being superficial.
HABIT OF YOURS? Spending and preferring to spend way too much time analysing myself.
THING ABOUT WOMEN? Shopping! (Generalizing)
THING ABOUT MEN? Being desperate for women.(me too)
WHAT’S ANNOYING YOU TODAY? Having to make choices. Sometimes, choice is a luxury. Most of the times, it is a burden.
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Friday, December 01, 2006


I did not realize till recently the number of things I do just because somebody says that it is wrong without any logic.

I bought a black colored car. There were no second thoughts. It was an instant choice when the salesman asked my preference. I knew that a black car will look dirtier if not washed regularly. But I still went for it. I have more black colored clothes than any other color. My mobile phone is black. Why? It is because my parents never used to allow me to buy black colored things though I liked them. They had no reason except that black is "generally" considered to be linked with death and sorrow.

Even if I don’t eat non-vegetarian food on other days, I make sure I eat it on Fridays and Saturdays. I don’t buy new clothes for festivals but buy them whenever I feel like.

I don’t believe in God. This was a well researched decision. But the trigger was my Mom's unbreakable faith and her insistence that I be as devote as her. As a rule, I don’t go into temples (If I do, I go directly to the free food queue).

I don’t say anything to make somebody feel happy or sad. I say the truth. Truth is one way to make somebody feel uncomfortable. It is one way to test a person. If he/she can handle brutal honesty, he/she can handle anything. It is a good way to make great friends.

I dress in full formals on Fridays. I wear round neck t-shirts and a pair of faded denims on Mondays. I get up early on weekends and late on weekdays. I dress in casuals for traditional occasions.

I eat beef and pork. If meat is not to be eaten, all meats have to be avoided. Why this partiality towards cows? May be it made sense in olden days because cows gave a lot of other things which made it unreasonable to kill them for meat.

I got drunk just to feel the “kick”. And recently I ordered a Margarita in a dinner with friends and their families. And explained to them what Margarita consists of. If somebody thinks that I am not supposed to do something, I do it right in front of them.

I talk taboo subjects at the most unexpected moments and amuse myself observing the ever so fine twitches on the audience faces.

If I feel somebody is beating around the bush, I tell them to come to the point. It doesnot matter if its a bad news or criticism or sarcasm, I want it plain. No decorations please!

If I am not comfortable with somebody or if somebody irritates me, I make sure that they know it. If they persist, I will avoid them at all costs. I don’t care that I hurt them.

Don’t ever tell me what not to do. I will do exactly that! "Why not?" is the question which I want the answer for. If you have it, tell it to me.
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