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Friday, December 26, 2008


This earth is mine,
every part of it.
And it is yours too.
I don't belong anywhere
yet I belong everywhere.
The vastness has space
for you and me to live,
though you may not believe.
An imaginary line drawn
on a land which may move
with a jolt of a quake
or an eruption,
separates you from me.
The most random occurrence
in the world,
can it give the right to own?
The beauty of human life,
every thought,
every relationship,
every feeling,
a lifetime of moments,
can it end in a moment?
A mother knows the pain
of creating a life.
You know the joy
of ending it.
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Monday, December 22, 2008


Screeching noise
and warning signs,
acute curves
and narrow roads,
every turn was better
every sound was good.
Blaring music
and funny banter,
confidence in the machine
and the ability to maneuver,
steep slopes
and rock walls,
a brake too late,
speed too high.
A second close to death,
but a fence in the place
of the slope or the rock.
A lesson not to believe too much.
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