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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Jasmines are generally white.
She was not.
Multiple hues but no trace of white.
A beautiful girl who lived next door.
Intelligence filled her face.
A delight to watch.
One day, she laughed.
She laughed uncontrollably.
There was no joke.
But she continued.
May be she laughed because she saw,
with crystal clarity,
the absurdity of life.
It is funny sometimes.
But the ones who realize it,
are usually kept in asylums.
And all the confused ones,
get confined in their own minds,
in the free world outside.
She had just fallen over the edge.
She was just sixteen.
Yet she had reached the end of her life.
Who pushed her?
Her adopted parents?
Her true ones?
Her own mind?
Or the ghost?
Like my Mom innocently believes.
What happened to Jasmine?
Where did she go?
Another forgotten bright soul,
which couldn't bear its own lightness.
When she moved on to the brighter consciousness,
I was sitting nearby,
a ten year old,
believing that she will come back to be normal
and play chess with me.
:: posted by Venkat C, 5/08/2007 11:21:00 PM


Blogger Perspective Inc, at 12:34 AM, May 09, 2007  
A moment of silence
Blogger KP, at 12:53 AM, May 09, 2007  
I really don't know what to say!
It hurts man!

'Maybe she laughed because she saw,
with crystal clarity,
the absurdity of life.' reminds me of Senthil's joke 'ulahaththa nenachchen sirichchen!

A very visual poem indeed!
Blogger Blade bala, at 4:02 PM, May 09, 2007  
Am at loss for words...
Blogger A penny for my thoughts?, at 1:24 AM, May 10, 2007  

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