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Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Absent mindedness is my friend. He will never leave me. But will never help me in need. I make innovative plans to avoid this unwelcome friend.

One of those plans is using the power of three. When I am outside, I make sure that I have only 3 things with me. At any time, I can count to 3 and check if I have the 3 items.

For example, I have a wallet, a phone and a set of keys with me on all days. That neatly fits into my plan "three".

Sometimes, during office hours, it may be 4 including my ID card. But since the harmless ID card is hanging off me from somewhere, I need not worry about it too much.

But, at any single instant of time, when my hands go over my pockets, I just count 3 and don’t check for the 3 items individually. So if at any point, I have only 2 items with me, I know for sure that I have misplaced one. But I will not know which one. I have to whack my brain to think what the 3 items were and which one of them is missing.

A bigger problem is while driving. The keys are safely in the ignition and my hands follow the plan sincerely and go over the pockets and instantly generate an interrupt. One of the things is missing.

My brain services the interrupt after a brief pause (vacuum). It clears the interrupt deciding that the keys are missing and they are in the ignition and will be back safely into my pocket.
:: posted by Venkat C, 1/03/2007 08:03:00 PM


Hahaha.. I could relate so well to this.. damn!!

I always remember to check my seat, table, under the seat and on the floor before I leave any place. I am so prone to forgetting and losing things.

I can soooooo understand that vacuum. lol!! Awesome post! Gimme a five!
Anonymous Phoenix, at 8:10 AM, January 06, 2007  
Hey Math, he he... High Five!
Blogger FJ, at 11:34 PM, January 06, 2007  
i check for the same three things: wallet, phone and key bunch..in fact the three became four now..becoz i split the car keys and apt keys..i can so badly leave my car key inside and lock the car..
now atleast i can get back to my apt and get the spare car

to office as u said one more additional thing..the Id card. Car is the home for my office ID. thats one other thing i have make sure in the evening ..Id is back safely into the car from my trousers..atleast I have one less thing to worry next morning.

my litle cha-cha-cha is right-left-back.
right pant pocket is for cell phone ; left is for keys and wallet at the back pocket..i get upset if i leave cellphone and keys in the same pocket..keys behave so badly with the cellphone if they are together...

good posting to share my routine. thanks..
Blogger Karthik, at 11:52 PM, January 13, 2007  

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